Going Aruba On a Budget? Plan a Weekend Trip at Affordable Costs

Budget travel never goes hand in hand with splurging. So, if you are planning an international trip to Aruba for just a weekend, you should know how to spend wisely.

Inhabited in the Netherlands, Aruba is one happy Caribbean island with unwavering beauty all around. The white sandy beaches and colorful fishes here, sure make it an exciting destination to plan your trips. But how do you plan a budget vacation to this special island city?

To fly off to Aruba with cheap international flight deals for a long weekend trip, you can start planning today. Find the details in the subsections below!

How Much for a Budget Vacation In Aruba?

On average, if you want to travel around Aruba for just a weekend, your maximum spend for two days will be less than 1000 bucks. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Yes, you read that right. According to research from several websites and numerous travelers, we’ve come to a conclusion. On average, a couple will spend around 350 USD in Aruba, which includes meals for two, a per-day stay, and local transportation. So, considering a two-day-two-nights stay, it will cost you 700 USD. However, this price is just for exploration; your flights may cost you more.

We recommend you set a budget of at least 2000 bucks for a proper weekend trip in Aruba for two people. There are reports that say for less than 5000 bucks; you can plan a one-week trip to Aruba with cheap international flights and value-for-money accommodations. All-in-all, you need better planning for a budget vacation to this island country.

Which Major Airlines Fly to Aruba?

  • American Airlines

  • Delta Airlines

  • jetBlue

  • Southwest Airlines

  • Wingo

  • Copa Airlines

  • Spirit Airlines

  • KLM Airlines

  • Avianca Airlines

  • TUI Netherlands

Important Tips to Save Money on Your Next Vacation to Aruba

For those who pack their bags and reach Aruba unplanned, it is one of the most expensive places to visit. But, for those who are proper planners, a weekend trip costs just a few bucks. So, take our advise and plan your every step carefully to make sure you do not surpass your decided budget. Here are some tips that can help you save big:

Take Flight in Off-Season

Aruba is one of the most expensive destinations in the Caribbean, but like every other place, there’s an off-peak season that counters the prices of shoulder season. So, if you plan your weekend trips during the off-season in Aruba, you can get cheap flight deals and travel on a budget.

Find a Budget B’nB or Hostel

Instead of going for an expensive hotel that costs you far more bucks a day than you can roam around Aruba, you should go for budget stays. Find a Bread and Breakfast place or a hostel that costs no more than 20 bucks a night and save even more.

Do not Stay Right Across the Beach

Other than finding a budget stay, also remember that anything by the beach costs more than you reckon. So, always stay away from the beach to find a cheaper option. And for your walk along the beach, it doesn’t hurt to try going by foot, or public transportation. This will save you enough money.

Rent a Car instead of taking a Taxi

Although the fees of Taxis are regulated by the government in Aruba, as a tourist you can never guess the right fare or whether the drivers are being truthful. So, we recommend that you rent a car which costs as low as $30 a day. Besides, it never hurts having a car, as you are free to go wherever you want whenever you want. 

This is definitely worth it when you plan a budget trip to Aruba for a weekend or more. So, what are you waiting for, plan today for your perfect experience. 

Which Locations Offer Cheapest Flight Fares to Aruba?

  • Philadelphia

  • Tampa

  • Newark

  • Baltimore

  • Charleston

  • Fort Lauderdale

  • Orlando

  • New York

  • Atlanta

List of Free Things to Do In Aruba

You should not always splurge when it comes to exploring a destination. In Aruba, there are many free things to do which you can try and enjoy your vacation without going overbudget. Here are some of them for your reference:

Take a Ride on the Aruba Street Car

It’s free. Yes, these trolleys or tramcars offer free transportation to/from the downtown area on the main street. You can get on and get off anywhere you like and explore the surrounding locations.

Climb the stairs at Hooiberg

At just 541 feet height, Hooiberg is Aruba’s easiest climb. There are 562 steps made of concrete, and the staircase leads to the hilltop, also, the access is free.

Check out the California Sand Dunes

These are a unique set of white sand dunes that have rolled in every direction with the ocean as their backdrop. Located in the northern part of the island, you can visit here for free and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Visit the Natural Bridge

There is no fee to see the Natural Bridge, which is actually a collapsed bridge located at a drivable distance from many other Aruban hotspots. You can find the stretches of coastlines nearby a worthwhile option to witness as well.

Explore the Quadirikiri Caves

These are a part of Arikok national park on the island but do not require a park entrance fee because it is outside the official boundaries of the park. These caves are a perfect sample of Aruba’s natural beauty.

Well, that’ll conclude your Weekend trip to Aruba with the cheapest of flights and amazing experiences. If you want more insights or wish to proceed with your flight bookings to Aruba, try Wizfairtravels- your most convenient helper. Our team will help you find the right vacation offers.