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Flights to Japan - A Tryst with Marvels

Did you know? Japan is considered the safest country in Asia! No wonder, flights to Japan are booked so frequently. But this is not the only reason to visit Japan. The nation has risen to prominence because of its sacred sites, museums, historical hotspots, gardens, and technological wonders.

Moreover, nature lovers, history buffs, and food enthusiasts can explore Japan all year round. So, if you have a Japan trip on your cards, go through the account that follows.

How to Find Cheap Flights to Japan?

To save on your flight trip to Japan, book pocket-friendly tickets. Know more about purchasing tickets on cheap flights to Japan through the tips below -

Set Price Alerts

Once you have shortlisted airlines to fly with, join their price alerts. This way, you will be notified of the lowest possible fares to your destination.

Use Low Fare Calendar

Go through the flight fares that the low-fare calendars of chosen airlines show. Have flexible travel dates to fly at the lowest prices.

Compare Prices

Look for flight ticket costs on different websites. Compare fares and purchase tickets as per your budget and requirements.

Fly off-season

Skip peak travel seasons in Japan such as the end of April through the beginning of May, July and August, and New Year holidays. Grab low flight fares when you fly during the off-season.

Book in Advance or at Last-Minute

Grab the cheapest prices, cost-effective flight deals and offers with advance booking. Purchase tickets months or weeks before to save the most.

You might get cheap flights at the last-minute of travel. Airlines lower their costs to avoid departing with vacant seats. So, fly cheap with last-minute flights.

What’s at the International Airport of Japan?

The major international airport of Japan is Haneda Airport. Here’s what you can expect at this airport -

  • The first-class-themed compact hotel in Terminal 1

  • Hotel accommodations in Terminal 1 and 2

  • Viewing decks from where you can enjoy the sight of planes taking off and landing against the skyline

  • Sky Ale, Haneda's exclusive craft beer

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Airport lounges

  • Dining and shopping options

Japan - Cherry Blossoms, Shrines, History

Japan is a timeless destination where ancient traditions and modernity blend beautifully. That’s why people book direct flights to Japan for a pleasurable experience.

Celebrated for its Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, Japan has a plethora of amazing attractions. The country is splashed with natural hot springs that add to its popularity.

Moreover, its lip-smacking delicacies, shopping zones, nightlife, sightseeing wonders, and exciting things to do never leave a dull moment for you. Needless to say, Japan is frequented by worldwide vacations throughout the year.

What are the Best Things to Do In Japan?

The country is blessed by natural beauty, history, modern marvels, and much more. That’s why it attracts all types of tourists from across the continents. As it offers some attraction to every tourist, flights to Japan are frequently booked.

Also, the country houses over 500 ski resorts and is a famous world-class ski and snowboard destination, adventurers also flock here. Now, let’s look into what keeps you on your toes in Japan -

Climb Mount Fuji

A sacred mountain for the Shintoists, Mount Fuji is Japan’s highest active volcanic mountain. Climb this mountain for an exceptional experience. Here you can enjoy -

  • Wonderful views from the Shin-Fuji station or any of the five lakes around

  • Attractions at the mountain base that include -

    • Skiing

    • Art museum

    • The Fujisan Sengen Shrine

Location: Shizuoka ken, Japan
Timings: 8:45 am to 4:00 pm

Entry fee (per person):

  • Pass for 12 years old and above - $36.25 (1 Day), $52.73 (2 Day), $65.91 (3 Day)

  • Pass for 6-11 years old - $18.13 (1 Day), 26.37 (2 Day), 32.96 (3 Day)

Explore the Nijo Castle

Standing since the early 17th Century, Nijo Palace served as Kyoto's first military dictator’s residence. Walk through its gardens to enjoy the Fall at their best. The castle fascinates you with -

  • Colorful paintings on the entrance doors and ceilings

  • Tatami mats for floor decor

  • Sakura, maple and ginkgo trees in lush garden

Location: Horikawa nishi iru, Nijo-Dori, Nakagyo-Ku, Kyoto

Timings: 9 am to 5 pm

Closed on -

  • Every Tuesday in January, July, August, and December

  • January 1 – 3, and December 26 – 28

Entry fee (per person):

  • Adults - $8.57

  • Junior High / High School students - $2.64

  • Primary School students - $1.98

Delight in the Cherry Blossom Festival

Traditionally called the Hanami Festival, spring brings in this fabulous festival. Also, this is among the best times to visit Japan. The festival treats you to -

  • Sights of Sakura and Ume flowers blooming all over

  • Gardens offering food and drinks

  • Music

  • Thousands of cherry blossom trees in each garden

Location: All over Japan

Timings: March to mid-April/ early May

Entry fee (per person): Varies as per the venue

Walk down the decades at Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

World’s only country that World War II attacked with a nuclear bomb, Japan showcases how it has been a silent victim to the devastation. The Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum honors those who suffered the explosion on August 9, 1945, the fateful day in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The museum shows -

  • An exhibition room

  • A video room

  • A bookshop

  • A refreshment room

Location: 7-8 Hiranomachi, Nagasaki, Japan
Timings: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Entry fee (per person):

  • Adults - $1.32

  • Kids - $0.66

Please note

Timings and fees of the attractions are subject to change.

Savor Japanese Delicacies

Japanese culinary craft is season-sensitive. Its global gourmet delight is known for health and innovation that speaks high of Japanese cuisine heritage. Here are some of the treats that you should dig into -

  • Sushi - A small rice bundle sandwiched in raw fish or egg or veggie

  • Tempura - Lightly battered and deep-fried fish, prawns, veggies, squid, or tofu

  • Teishoku - A meal that comprises rice, soup, pickles, with a main serving of seafood, fish, meat, or veggies

  • Unagi - A rice meal served with a sweet soy teriyaki sauce on top

  • Yakitori - Grilled chicken skewers

  • Udon - Thick wheat-flour noodles

Shop Til You Drop

Some of the shopping places of Japan are -

  • Tokyo

    • Ginza- Luxury shopping

    • Shibuya - Departmental stores and malls

    • Akihabara - Electronics market

  • Umeda, Osaka - Clothes

  • Minato Mirai, Yokohama - Futuristic shopping at malls

  • Hakata, Fukuoka - Shopping complexes and malls

Enjoy Nightlife

Japan delights in after sunset entertainment. No wonder, the nation has a happening nightlife. Partake in its diverse and vibrant scene that late-night partiers enjoy. Go drinking and dining to its best.

Some of the best nightlife spots of Japan -

  • Genius Tokyo

  • Harlem, Shibuya

  • Bauhaus Roppongi Rock Club, Tokyo

  • Contact, Shibuya

  • Showbox, Shinjuku

  • Ageha, Tokyo

  • Club Womb, Shibuya

  • Gaspanic, Udagawacho

  • Oath, Dogenzaka

Which are the Top Tourist Places to Visit in Japan?

Japan impresses and fascinates you at every step of your vacation. If you have a fixed number of days to explore this country, book round-trip flights to Japan and plan to cover the best of what it has in store.

From ancient mountains to Hoshitoge Rice Terraces, from Lake Ashi Hakone and floating shrine to cities and humble countrysides, etc have a sightseeing delight. Some of the places that command a place in your Japan holiday are -


Japan’s capital, Tokyo, reflects the shades of the country in various ways. Your Japan trip is not complete without visiting Tokyo.

  • The Senso-ji Temple

  • Meiji Shrine

  • The Imperial Palace

  • Tokyo National Museum

  • Tokyo Disneyland

  • Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

  • Tokyo Skytree


Hiroshima not only establishes itself as the World War II atom bomb explosion survivor but also the world’s peace capital.

  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum

  • Mitaki-dera Temple

  • Hiroshima Castle

  • The Shukkeien Garden

  • The island shrine of Itsukushima

  • Explore the Mazda Museum

  • Enjoy the Hiroshima Flower Festival


Enjoy soaking in the culture and traditions of Japan at Nara. Peppered with historical structures and scenic wonders, Nara calls you for a vacation to cherish.

  • Kasuga-taisha

  • Nara Park and Todai-ji Temple

  • Manyo Botanical Garden (Man'yo Shokubutsuen)

  • Mount Mikasayama (nearby)

  • Ninja Museum of Igaryu

  • The Kasuga Grand Shrine (Kasuga-taisha)

  • Isuien Garden

  • Nara National Museum


Stationed on Honshu island, Kyoto is home to a host of sacred sites. No wonder, the nation looks upon it as one of its holy destinations. Palatial palaces, gorgeous gardens, Shinto shrines, and traditional wooden houses are among the hotspots here.

  • The Kyoto National Museum and Municipal Museum of Art

  • Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine

  • Kinkaku-ji

  • Katsura Imperial Villa

  • Kiyomizu Temple

  • Kyoto Imperial Palace

  • Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, hop on any of the many flights to Japan to explore the gems of the country. Create your itinerary to Japan at the earliest and don't forget to add the activities and sightseeing must-haves from the account above.

A trip to treasuries awaits you in Japan that introduces you to history, scenery, spirituality, and much more. So, book your trip to Japan today!


What is the best time to visit Japan?

The best time to visit Japan is between March and May and between September and November.

Which airlines offer direct flights to Japan?

All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Air India, Singapore Airlines, VietJet Air, Thai Airways, & Air China have direct flights to Japan.

How long is the flight to Japan?

The average flight time between the United States and Japan is 10-12 hours. However, duration varies as per your departing destination.

Why is Japan famous for tourism?

Japan has 21 World Heritage Sites, world famous tourist attractions, ski resorts, and an active volcanic mountain among other reasons that attract tourists.


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