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The clock of 2024 has already started ticking, and the New Year has arrived. But those who have holiday spirit in their hearts always like to celebrate things longer. To keep up with those spirited people, many airlines offer New Year flight deals throughout January month. So, if you also want to plan something great and welcome the New Year with more than just open arms, get ready for the best deals.

New Year deals are truly exciting to find the cheapest deals for flights in January. Here, we explain how and where to get them!

Is it Possible to Grab a Deal After New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Eve arrives with an unexpected rush in purchases as some people believe the deals die as soon as the eve’s over. However, New Year deals are not just limited to the Eve. You can find some of the greatet offers on flights after a week rather than right on the big day.

So, if you failed to plan a trip on New Year’s Eve, we’ll say you are rather lucky, as the best has yet to come for you. By following our simple guide and having some basic knowledge, you can still find great deals on flights and travel within your budget to celebrate the New Year. While New Year's Eve has passed, the entire month is a great time for travelers to find good luck in getting affordable tickets.

Are New Year Fares Always Expensive?

Flights fares during the New Year are expensive due to the higher demand, however, with the D-Day passing, you may grab a good deal as relatively fewer people will be traveling in January. But you can be one of those few people to grab an exciting flight deal for the New Year. So, the fares may be expensive due to the high demand, but you can still enjoy a budget-friendly vacation with prior guidance from us.

What are the Most Popular Destinations for the New Year?

If you are not into cheaper airfares but popular places, here is a list of some National and international destinations you can visit this New Year (and still find deals).

National Destinations:

  • New York City

  • Aspen, Colorado

  • Nashville, Tennessee

  • Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • San Francisco

  • Miami, Florida

  • New Orleans

  • Chicago

  • Los Angeles

International Destinations:

  • Strasbourg, France

  • Quebec City, Canada

  • Reykjavik, Iceland

  • Tokyo, Japan

  • Sydney, Australia

  • Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Vienna, Austria

  • Cusco, Peru

  • London, Britain

  • Paris, France

  • Cape Town, Australia

Choose any location you like and fly to your favorite city/ country with the best deals. This New Year, finding deals becomes even easier with Wizfairtravels. Our team will help you shortlist destinations for your special trips.

Easy Tips to Fly for Less this New Year

New Year’s Day may be gone, but the deals may not be out of your reach with our simplest tips. Here are the easy tricks that let you fly with the best deals in the first month of 2024:

Flexible Travel Dates for Better Deals

Maximize your chances of finding affordable flights by being flexible with your travel dates. Opting for a week or two before or after the New Year holiday can open up clearer options and potentially save you some cash.

Book in Advance for Maximum Savings

Advance planning is your secret weapon for snagging the best deals. By booking well in advance, you not only secure your spot but also enjoy the trip without breaking the bank.

Book During "Sweet Spot" Hours

Save money by booking your flights during the "sweet spot" hours of the day—early morning or around mid-day. These times often offer more budget-friendly fares.

Depart from Lesser-Known Airports

Think beyond the major hubs! Sometimes, flying into a nearby airport can lead to significant savings. Broaden your search and discover hidden gems that might just make your journey more budget-friendly.

Utilize Travel Apps and Websites

Make use of travel apps and websites to compare prices across different platforms. Sometimes, exclusive deals and discounts are available on specific platforms.

Save money by booking a multi-city itinerary

Why settle for one city when you can explore three or even more? Consider a multi-city itinerary to maximize your New Year travel experience while keeping costs in check.

For the cheap New Year flight deals, the above tips can help you out. You can also grab exclusive offers on tickets even after this month if you carefully follow our simple tricks.

Which Travel Destinations Are the Best for New Year?

If you are rigging in 2024, do it in style. We have listed some of the best destinations below that are always trending at this time of the year. You can check with one of the airlines mentioned before and book your tickets to any destination on the list!

  • New York City, USA

The New Year celebrations at the Big Apple are always at the top of the list. You can experience the iconic Times Square ball drop. It’s a totally free event, so just come early and grab a space to welcome New Year with the crowd. And why you should visit here after New Year is not a secret to anyone.

  • Paris, France

The city of elegance and romance, Paris is a bucket-list destination for everyone. Honeymooners can find the New Year here enchanting with a stunning Eiffel Tower backdrop and so many firecrackers turning the sky bright.

  • Sydney, Australia

The mesmerizing Sydney Harbour fireworks are a trending hotspot for New Year’s celebrations. If you have not planned anything for your vacation yet, trying your luck for flights to Sydney will be a great option. You can grab great deals and enjoy exceptional vacation offers for affordable New Year trips.

  • Reykjavik, Iceland

If you want a unique celebration, try to bask under the Northern Lights. With the special deals on select airlines, you can head to witness Reykjavik's vibrant festivities. Visit the best place with the best views and have a memorable New Year vacation.

  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Join the beachside revelry and witness the spectacular Copacabana fireworks on New Year in Rio De Janeiro. This Brazillian city is famous for the warm beach resorts where celebrations start way before dark and everyone relishes the spectacular music with amazing fireworks.

Say hello to the newest year of your life with special trips to any of the above destinations. And with cheap deals on your favorite airline from Wizfairtravels, you can ensure a soothing journey ahead.

Make New Year Happy with Wizfairtravels

The pages of the calendar have already turned to 2024, and it's time you turn to your favorite trips. For an exciting holiday, grab the best New Year deals and take advantage of the budget airlines. You can book with Wizfairtravels to make the year even happier. So, hurry up! And find your deal.


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