Essential Hacks Every Tourist Should Know When Visiting The Eiffel Tower

Marking its presence strongly since 1889, the Eiffel Tower was then the world’s tallest building. Beautifying the Parisian skyline, it is also known as La Dame de Fer, the Iron Lady, and a symbol of love. People from far and wide visit Paris with this beauty as the main charm. So, follow this guide to visiting the Eiffel Tower if you are planning a Paris trip.

The La Dame de Fer is an icon of romance, an engineering marvel, and a cultural emblem. Also, it has been the site of myriad proposals, weddings, and romantic moments. Its celeb status was enhanced as it featured in countless movies, books, and songs. No wonder, it is acknowledged as a symbol of love.

So, make your dream come true with an Eiffel Tower visit, and use this tour guide for hacks for the perfect trip. It guides you through everything for a seamless Eiffel Tower is seamless and memorable.

Now, let’s go through the piece of writing below for tips to explore the most prominent symbols of both Paris and France smoothly.

Tips to Visit the Eiffel Tower

If an Eiffel Tower trip is on your cards, knowing the tips to explore it is good. Your visit to the Eiffel Tower becomes all the more enjoyable when you follow these smart tips.

Let’s begin. 

Timing is Key

With the correct timing, you can manifold your trip delight. Here’s how -

  • Visit early in the morning to avoid crowds. The ticketed entry to Iron Lady is from 9:30 am to 10.45 PM every day. 

  • For magical views, visit it after sunset. The tower sparkles with more than 20,000 lights daily! Grab a spot along the Seine or the Trocadero gardens for your beautiful art show.

  • As Paris illuminates at night, watching the city around from this marvel is overwhelming.  

  • Visit during the off-season for fewer crowds. So, October to March are the best months to visit this attraction. 

Weather Check

Paris weather can be unpredictable. Check the weather forecast to be sure of catching beautiful views clearly from the observation deck. Schedule a visit on a sunny and clear day. Enjoy the best views around from early July to late August. 

Research Ticket Options

Select from different ticket options such as for stairs/elevator access and second floor or summit. Book your Eiffel Tower tickets online and skip the line! Purchase up to two months in advance to save time and money. 

Keep your valuables out of reach

Street thieves loiter everywhere around. When mesmerized visitors gawk at the Tower or tourists in crowded elevators are easy targets for pickpockets. Be careful with your cash, valuables, phones, etc. Also, beware of scams that might strip you of money or any valuables. 

Getting There

Navigating through Paris to reach the Eiffel Tower can be a breeze with the following options. Book cheap tickets to this attraction and reach there by any of the transport options mentioned below - 

  • Metro - The most convenient way to reach the Eiffel Tower is via the Paris Metro. The closest stops are -

    • Bir-Hakeim station (Line 6) 

    • Trocadéro station (Lines 6 and 9) 

  • Bus - Several bus routes pass near the Eiffel Tower, offering scenic views along the way.

  • Walking - If you are staying nearby, walk to the Eiffel Tower to soak in the charm of Parisian streets.

Visit the Eiffel Tower on Each Level

The tower has three levels, each with an observation platform. At roughly 200, 400, and 900 feet, all three are connected by elevators and stairs. No elevator takes you straight to the top. So, this quick Eiffel Tower guide suggests you visit all the levels, without skipping any. 

Ground Level 

Admire the tower from its ground level. Click Instagrammable photos against the backdrop of this architectural masterpiece.

Second Floor

Here cafes, shops, and mesmeric panoramic views of the city welcome you.


Reach the summit for the city’s panoramic sight. Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre are among the attractions that capture your attention. 

Look for the secret apartment!

Among the best things to do while exploring this symbol of love is to check its secret apartment. Don't miss out on the secret apartment that Gustave Eiffel - the Tower’s architect hid in the tower. You can peer inside this still-furnished space.

Tips for a Memorable Experience

As you follow the tips to visit the Eiffel Tower, here are a few ideas to make it memorable.

  • Photography Etiquette: Be considerate of other visitors when taking photos. Avoid blocking walkways or lingering long in one spot.

  • Bring Snacks: Enjoy a picnic on the Champ de Mars lawn with the Eiffel Tower as your backdrop. Pack some snacks and beverages to savor the moment.

  • Evening Illuminations: Witness the Eiffel Tower's mesmerizing light show, which occurs every evening after sunset. You can’t miss out on this magical sight.

Beyond the Tower

The Eiffel Tower steals the spotlight among Parisian hotspots. However, other attractions are considered among the best places to visit in Europe not just in France.

Here are a few places that you can visit near the Iron Lady - 

  • Seine River Cruise: Embark on a scenic cruise along the Seine River to admire Parisian landmarks from a different perspective, including the Eiffel Tower.

  • Champ de Mars: Relax in this sprawling park located at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. It's perfect for a stroll or a romantic picnic.

  • Trocadéro Gardens: Cross the Seine to reach the Trocadéro Gardens, offering stunning views of the Eiffel Tower and ample space for relaxation.

So, pack your bags, embark on this adventure, and let the Eiffel Tower weave its charm around you.

Therefore, exploring the Eiffel Tower is a touristy bliss. Follow this handy guide to visiting the Eiffel Tower to manifold the fun. The experience will be etched in your memory for a lifetime. Every moment spent here is filled with awe and wonder. And you will have experiences to cherish and stories to share.

So, these tips will help ensure that your trip to the symbol of love is no less than a magical experience. Wait no more. Pack your bags, book tickets to Paris and the Eiffel Tower, and embark on this trip to treasure for a lifetime.

The Eiffel Tower awaits you to weave its charm in your experience and memories.