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Are you planning an air trip but budget constraints are holding you back? Relax. With Copa Airlines flights, you have a pocket-friendly and feature-packed solution.

This airline offers exciting deals and great discounts for cheap yet uncompromised trips. Now, let’s go through the following account and learn more about Copa Airlines and how it is making travel convenient while raising the industry standards.

Copa Airlines - A Quick Overview

The flag-bearer airline of Panama, Copa Airlines, was founded in 1947 as Compania Panamena de Aviacion. The airline has earned global travelers who count on Copa Airlines booking every now and then. Thanks to the trust that Copa has by its frequent travelers.

Moreover, the airline is crowned with myriad star-studded reviews as well as several awards and accolades. And why not? Over the decades, the airline has been seamlessly catering to almost 80 destinations across 33 countries in North, South, and Central America as well as the Caribbean.

Its fleet is the industry’s latest with ultra-modern features. So, if the travel bug has bitten you, book your getaway through Wizfairtravels for an affordable and remarkable flight trip.

Copa Airlines - Baggage Policy

Once you have chosen Copa Airlines to book your flight trip, it is important to know its baggage policy. This helps you pack accordingly and avoid any extra charges and unpleasant surprises.


  • You can carry one carry-on and keep it in the overhead compartment.

    • Up to 46 linear inches (118 cm): 22'' high x 14'' long x 10'' wide (56 cm high x 36 cm long x 26 cm wide) including handles and wheels.

    • All passengers can carry hand luggage up to 10 Kg (22 lbs).

  • You can carry a personal item (like a handbag/ personal purse, a laptop bag, or a backpack) that must fit under your front seat.

    • Up to 36 linear inches (90 cm): 17'' high x 10'' long x 9'' wide (43 cm high x 25 cm long x 22 cm wide).

    • Exceeding the set dimensions, it is taken as a checked baggage with applicable excess baggage charges.

Checked Baggage

  • Each piece should be up to 62 linear inches (158 cm) .

  • Pieces that have linear measurements between 63 inches (159 cm) and 107 inches (272 cm) are considered excess baggage.

  • If your baggage exceeds 115 inches (294 cm) (linear measurements) must be transported as cargo.

  • Baggage with wheels is not included in the linear measurements.

  • Weight and pieces allowed are per passenger. These are non-transferable.

Please note

  • The flight date, origin and destination, fare class, and PreferMember status determine the baggage policy.

  • Bagge restrictions depend on the origin and destination as well as the time of year.

Copa Airlines - Travel Classes

With Copa Airlines, you can not only book a ticket easily but also select your preferred travel classes as per your pocket and preferences. Designed to meet your requirements, each cabin class imparts you a great experience.

The airline offers you two cabin class types that are further categorized. Now, let’s take a look at the cabin classes and their categories.

Business Cabin

This cabin is divided into two categories that follow. Both offer Business Class seats, and a carry-on of 10 kg and two checked bags of 32 kg each.

Business Promo

  • Non-refundable

  • Earn 150% of miles and 2 qualifying segments of ConnectMiles.

If you are flying in this Copa Airlines cabin class and wondering how I can manage my booking, know that you have to pay a fee to make changes. It is subject to availability and rules/conditions of the purchased fare.

Business Full

  • Offers the maximum business class flexibility

  • Earn 200% miles as well as 2 qualifying ConnectMiles segments.

  • Refundable

  • Changes are allowed without a fee but fare differences apply

Main Cabin

This cabin is divided into 3 categories. Highlights of each are mentioned below -

Economy Basic
  • Offers the cheapest fare and is the least flexible.

  • Choose Premium and regular seats with an extra fee.

  • The first and the second checked bags of 23 kg each are payable.

  • A 10 kg carry-on bag.

  • Earn 50% miles and 0.5 qualifying segments of ConnetMiles.

Economy Classic
  • Offers more flexibility.

  • Earn 100% miles and 1 qualifying segment of ConnectMiles.

  • One 10 kg carry-on and a 23 kg checked baggage.

  • Pick Premium seats (paid) and regular seats for free.

Economy Full
  • Enjoy the most flexibility.

  • Refundable

  • A carry-on of 10 kg and two checked bags of 23 kg each.

  • Select Premium and regular seats for free.

  • Make changes free, but a fare difference may apply.

  • Earn 125% of miles and 2 ConnectMiles qualifying segments.

Please note

In Copa Airlines, your tickets for Economy Basic and Economy Classic allow changes at extra charges, subject to availability and rules/conditions of the purchased fare. Both are non-refundable.

Copa Airlines - Check-in Policy

After you have completed your Copa Airlines booking, keep an eye out for timely check-in to your flight. There are different options to check in for your convenience. You can choose from any of these methods. Alternatively, for bookings made with Wizfairtravels, you can count on check-in with its efficient team.

Now, let’s look at each Copa Airlines check-in method one by one -

Web Check-In

With Copa Airlines you can easily visit its manage booking feature to check-in. Save time with web check-in and complete the process in just a few clicks.

Once done, obtain your boarding pass between 24 hours and 1 hour before the scheduled departure of your flight.

Mobile Web Check-In

Use the airline’s mobile app to complete the check-in and get a boarding pass to your destination. Benefits of mobile check-in to Copa Airlines flights are the same as web check-in.

Check in via the mobile app of Copa Airlines and easily obtain your boarding pass.

Airport Check-in Counters

You can also check-in to flights of Copa Airlines at the airport. However, keep the following pointers in mind -

  • Reach the airline’s check-in counter at least two hours before your flight’s scheduled departure to international destinations.

  • Arrive at the airport at least before 1 hour of the scheduled departure when flying within Colombia and Panama.

  • While travelling during a holiday or making special requests, reach the airport at least 1.5 hours before the flight’s departure.

  • You can also check your bags before departure and fulfil the formalities required for an international trip.

Please note

  • To depart from the United States, reach the airport 3 hours before the departure.

  • Reach the airport before 4 hours of the flight’s departure when taking off from Venezuela.

  • The airport check-in closes 60 minutes before the scheduled flight departure.

  • When 2 hours are left until the scheduled departure for flights from Venezuela, check in closes.

In a nutshell, book Copa Airlines tickets for a trip to treasure. You can make reservations directly with Copa or get in touch with the booking experts at Wizfairtravels for a seamless experience.

Make bookings a breeze, enjoy the flexible manage booking feature, and much more with Copa.

So, don’t wait. Book your flight tickets with Copa Airlines today!


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